laid off......AGAIN

for those of you counting or pretending to give a flying fuck that is twice in one year i have been laid off. this time is exceedingly different, though, and worth of a seething blog filled with blood boiling anger and hatred for the rest of humanity. enough with the pretty words, time for the story.

it all started on a monday, two weeks ago. i worked with two young boys, age 17, that were the epitome of the southern christian elitist honky: southern baptist, home schooled, upper-middle class parents, and smug as fuck. even though my fuckin ball fuz has more work experience than these two shitstains, the "boss" would constantly talk down to me or be overly condescending. i took it all in stride, trying to act like a mature adult because i need the shitty pay i was getting and because i cant legally beat the shit out of a 17 yr old boy.

well this particular monday i guess the "boss" decided it was time to witness to the loser 29 yr old that was working with him.

punk-ass:" any religion?"

me:*snickers* "no. i dont believe in any of that stuff."

let me stop right here, guys. i know what you're thinking: "why would you say that AWFUL? you know the stigmas, perceptions, and pejudices people have for people that dont believe in christianity let alone have absolutely no religion at all." i do know and my answer is this: "i dont care." you ask my fuckin opinion, you're gonna get my fuckin opinion. you dont like what i say, dont ask. everyone else gets to go around flaunting their fucking belief systems and shoving them in my face tellin me i'm going to burn for eternity if i dont accept jesus or alah or fuckin zeus, but i cant have the same freedom to NOT believe? what makes them better than me? faith? so the ability to believe in something sans any evidence whatsoever makes them a better person? ok, sure. back to the story.

he then proceeded to go into his little church camp spiel about heaven and hell, satan, and whatnot. all the while i let him stumble through this obviously coreographed speech, waiting for my moment. he finally finished, looking proud and justified in his own beliefs. i chuckled at this boy. it was obvious he hadn't even really read the bible for himself. he was regurgitating what his pastor had told him. how sad. how so very typical of a haughty christian also. he has wondered into the lair of a spider that was content in just wounding this pityful fly and not devowering him as i was not in the mood to make him cry that day. and plus he was driving and i like life so i just merely gave my condensed and polite speech i have mentally created for polite social occasions and for when i didnt have the urge to get into a knock down drag out debate with someone.

he stammered when i asked him questions. he hesitated when i asked him to provide empirical evidence in certain cases. he even AGREED with me because he had no logical recourse in some instances. i could tell that i had gotten under his skin, but i just passed it off as an unexpected mature conversation and nothing else. from that monday forward nothing else was said about religion or lack there of and that was just fine by me.

my wife works where i worked and on that friday the manager told MY WIFE that they were gonna have to fire me. when she asked why he said the boys said i was lazy and not working. well i am not one to sit by and let people lie about me. i confronted the manager and was assured that i was not going top lose my job. mostly because the manager is a pussy ass bitch, but also because he knew i was a hard worker because he had worked with me before. later that night i got a phone call from him saying i was fired. wtf?!? the boys caught wind that i had found out what they had said and said if i was there on monday they would quit. 

long story short (TOO LATE!), i didnt lose my job then, but went 2 more weeks with everyone treating me like a piriah. everyone at the job, besides me and my wife, are devoutly christian and i was the hethen that worked circles around the golden boys.

the owner and the manager that tried to fire me the first time didnt even have the balls to look me in the eye today and do it again. they got MY WIFE THE SECRETARY to do it.

typical christians with typical christian attitudes.

i cant PROVE anything, but the timing is kinda odd, dontcha think?

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