Lame Anime Music Vides Everywhere WTF!!


----Do not read if you are offended by it----

--The opinions here may or may NOT represent the author's views or opinions, it's just for fun!! dont take it seriously jerks--

Now that i have my lawyer off my back here is my rant:

What if the fucking deal with anime music videos?
I mean come on, if there is not a lameass half hentai battle music video of a song, then that song does not exist.
Don't even dare to open yootube(R)  you may fucking find a music video of "ave satani " song and scooby do solving a mistery.
Those damn buttmucher kids get boners with anime battles it's fucking lame. They think their cartoons are awesome and gives them erections every five minutes because deformed characters show grossly large boobs. Well news flash asswipes: you are a fucking kids, you are not a warrior and you, most certainly, are not fucking japanese, take a look at the thing between your legs... can you see it? yes? then you are not japanese, too big the the schlong department asshole. So stop having wet dreams about having a sick threesome with pikachu and the blue carebear.
This lame kids think "ohh my god that scene is so 'taka mako miko' i will puke over a nice song and mix it with some scooby doo footage so i can give raging erections to my fudge packing friends and they will think i am so kikomman!" yeah, that's how they think, in half ass Japanese. I always see them in the japanese classes, first level its full of colored hair  deviants and, next level? no not even one. they all fucking fail all the time, knowing what nissan means because you heard a girl being raped by raichu yell it does not mean you know japanese.
Hey you lame idiot, you will not learn Japanese by watching fucking hentai i am serious, you better drop your small dick and read a fucking book, and no, comics are not books, i use manga to clean my shitty asshole with it, I'm dead fucking serious, i go to the manga stores where you bastards gather, to see who has the smaller dick and tits, and i say to the dependant: "hey wapaneese, give me two of those soft natro comics"
"oh you like naruto my good san, that is so Shimishit!!" "hey moron shut your dick hole, I will not read the fucking thing I will clean my anus with it after i take a crap, and help me god because i had enchiladas and it's not gonna be a pretty sight when i crap violently on an evangelion dvd".
As I was saying, stop ruining carmina burana and invading all fucking video sites with your  bullshit. You can't go on a decent site without having to browse between a fuckload of anime music videos made in windows movie maker. I don't fucking like dora the explorer so don't make a stupid video of it using Wagner's music. Thinking it will help me jerk off.
If i see one of you faggots making a music video somewhere, i swear to the fucking christmas jew, i will shove your life size sailor moon doll/girlfriend up you craphole. No Wait, you fuckers are probably gonna enjoy that, so fuck it i will think of something else later.
And please grow up already. And spawn your stupid kiddie hatred in the comments all you want, it will just give me more sexual pleasure not to answer them.
I bid you fuck off

BTW i just got an idea, i will make an iron figurine of one of your pukish smileys n_n(ugh sick, gross makes me want to pucnh a seahorse to death)  and beat your mom with it, how's that? no mom no more cartoon porn for ya morons, i guess you will have to stop sucking thorbbing cock and get a better hobby like swimming in trashcans or shoving snakes up your urethras.

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