I first came to Laser Mouth Surgery Center a few months back because I had known for several years that I had onset type 2 diabetes and periodontal disease and needed extensive work done on my gums I actually found Laser Mouth Surgery Center on the Internet and I must admit it took me some time to call because I had not seen a dentist in 2-3 years and I am now 56 years of age. I did a lot of background study on the Lanap laser process and finally mustered up the courage and sent an email regarding my dental needs and concerns. I received a call from one of the assistants asking me to come in for a consultation. When I went in for my appointment the staff made me feel comfortable and relaxed and I really appreciated the fact that they wanted to help me and did not judge me for my lack of attention to my dental needs. Laser Mouth Surgery Center assessed all my dental issues and we came up with a game plan to get my mouth back into shape. I have to say when I left his office after that initial consultation I was on board 100% and had complete confidence in Laser Mouth Surgery Center and his staff. Obviously the first and most important procedure was having the LANAP procedure for the periodontal disease. The procedure only took a few hours and there was no cutting involved; I had absolutely no pain and the recovery process was not lengthy and most important pain free! I have a great fear of dental procedures and just going to a doctor in general but the LANAP procedure eliminated those fears. This procedure was the best investment I have ever made especially for my diabetes health and for my self esteem. Finding Laser Mouth Surgery Center and his staff has been a life changing experience and just keeps getting better as I am about to get Invisalign braces over the next month in the next chapter of making my dental healthy a priority.
laser periodontal surgery

Uploaded 02/01/2011
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