...last few moments of life... continued




...Sitting in the passenger seat of her newly acquired Ford Focus, she stares out into the night... waiting, sipping, patiently.


If nothing else, her abusive family taught her patience. Taught her that with enough time, anything can come to pass. With time, a well thought out plan can be realised and carried out, and with a little patience, even the shittiest of parents can be made to burn alive, screaming in their bed. Throw in a little bit of genius, and it can be made to look like an accident...


That was her first killing, at the tender age of 13. The people whom God had granted the responsibilty of raising her, did a piss poor job of it and in turn, created a monster. A monster that would be the death of them, literally.


Now she sits in this stolen car waiting for her prey...


Alone, she bends over and finishes lacing up her boots, which is easier carried out in the passenger seat, without the hinderance of the steering wheel. Along with the other tasks she needs to accomplish to ready herself for the events to come, she also has the time to sip her coffee, which she makes herself from fresh beans imported from Kona Hawaii. She will drink no other.


She glances at the digital clock readout on the dash, 14 minutes past 2am. She doesn't like the layout of the digital clock, or the rest of the dashboard of this car for reasons that escape her. Regardless, for those simple reasons she decides that she will enjoy watching this car burn when she is finished with it. That makes her smile.


She gets out of the car and walks west about a half a block to where Oak street meets 16th. The moon is bright tonight, and even with the shortage of street lights in this unused part of town, she has no problem making her way to the intersection at this late hour. Her thermos of freshly ground and brewed coffee keeps her hands warm as she decides which way she will choose to destroy the car she had stolen only a few hours earlier.


A pair of headlights appear in the distance, maybe a little over a mile north on 16th street. This is her cue and she turns to walk back to the soon-to-be unrecognizable Ford Focus, as her plan is coming together perfectly. As she quickly walks due east back to the car, she thinks to herself how stupid it is to name a street "Oak" when it has not one single oak tree lining it sidewalks. In fact, she notices, there isn't a tree of any kind on this street and that angers her. Maybe the entire street needs to burn as well. She packs that thought back in the corner of her mind, to be had later, as her current task is now coming to fruition.


From where she parked the car, there is a gap between the properties lining 16th street, where the other vehicle is traveling, as it did every time Sarah goes, or returns, from her families house. She knows this route, and has studied her preys patterns of travel. She has also timed out the aceleration of the average car from this spot, to the corner where she stood a few moments ago, with such precision, there was no doubt that her plan would work. The gap in the buildings allowed her to see when the vehicle would pass the spot that would signal her to speed toward the corner.


Her heartbeat speeds up for an instant before she is able to conciously bring it back down with only thought. A practice she has perfected through meditation and certain forms of self-hypnosis. Knowing that she will someday see this entire street engulfed in flames and ashes helps to calm her and slow her respirations. Heavy breathing, which by the look of the plumes of visible condensation, leaving her lungs on this cold night, is an indication that she needed to concentrate, and not let her excitement control her.


She gets back to the Focus and settles in behind the drivers seat, figuring on 15-20 seconds before she will see the car pass by the gap. Enough time to think back on her first encounter with Sarah, and why her desire to kill her is runs so deep. Afterall, Sarah is the only person to ever escape her grasp. She was thought of as an inconciderate and spoiled little bitch, who never even knew that she crossed paths with evil. A deep and disturbing evil that lays awake at night, dreaming of her demise...



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