Last Gasp

I'm counting the days, the hours, the minutes
how long must we wait, til sanitys at its limit?
The clock always ticks, despite death and loss
The world moves on, and gathers no moss

We all keep going, on this endless run
but no one expects, it to end, or be done
Well I for one am tired, and want to give up
Ill sit on my ass, cuz Ive had enough

There's no justice, no more to learn
I want to sit back and watch it all burn
Kick up my feet , no more deeper meaning
watch this ride fail, swerving and careening

War is coming, its already arrived
But World conflict is next, who will survive?
Communist China is building up arms
And the US is too stupid, to be alarmed

China has more soldiers, more weapons, more bombs
Were spread thin as it is, but we still go along
Rome had the same problem, stretched to the max
And where are they now? They didnt last

America is over, weve had our time
now were ruled, by white-color crime

Without a thought, They print off cash
Then take from us some more, a late-night dash

Theyd rob our mothers, our brothers, our daughters
Theyd snatch from the blind, or husbands and fathers

They rob equally, from those that have nothing
Leaders say theyre broke, but I know theyre bluffing

They took the cash, then passed it back
Amongst them and their cronies, they collected their "tax"

But the people are wise, to their schemes, and their lies
We know capitalism is dead, and will not arise

The system has crashed, with a whimper, last gasp
We outnumber the leaders, time to take our pass

Uploaded 12/14/2011
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