last religion blog

this is my last religious blog because i unfortunately don't have my philosophical works from st thomas aquinas etc, and I sure as hell am not going to look that shit up just to argue on ebaums.
This is all I have to say for those who are open minded and want to see what the other side goes through instead of just throwing away reason, just because a few "scientists" (or should I say mythologists) say the universe came from an explosion. I'm pretty sure no one here is saying there can't be a god, it's just a argument on how the universe came to be, kasplosion or created.

Kasplosionism is a bully in my opinion. Public schools all teach it as being a science, and creationism the opposite. There are very many prominent scientists who all abandoned their beliefs in creationism, just to be accepted as a reasonable person and get accepted into colleges. This to me is sick. Those who want to learn more about this should watch "Expelled: no intelligence allowed" with ben stein. That guys funny anyways. It's on netflix and probably stream it somewheres.

And for those who challenge whether there is a god, I ask you to read some of the arguments of st. thomas aquinas. Look in particular for the 5 arguments for the existence of a god. He gave a really good argument using physics, I think its number one of the 5. Objects in motion etc etc. I'd type it out but fuck ebaums lol. If you're interested look for it yourself, I promise you wont be disappointed, it will at least make you think a little bit.

thank you and molt licky and the bartledoo
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