Last time you actually saw a good movie?

Today the film industry is fluttered with a bunch of high budget, over-produced, special-effect filled, 3D crap movies that have terrible plots and worse acting. I never have seen Inception, some people say it sucks, some say it rocks, i'll wait for it to come on DVD. But I was very disappointed with Avatar, which people had the audacity to call the "best movie ever". In my opinion it was a pocahontas rip-off at best. Then there was 2012. A very "cool looking" movie from the previews, and to play off the doomsday prophecy was very cool in my opinion. But it turned out to be a very long and predictable movie. Not to mention all the narrow escapes. Probaly the worst was Clash of the Titans. I am a very big fan of Greek mythology. I loved studying it in school, and I even love God of War lol. So Clash of the Titans seemed like my type of movie. Boy was I wrong. The acting was down right awful. And they completely over-hyped every god and or titan to be really badass, and then they killed it in like 5-minutes. The worse part of it was the charecter development. The guy starts out as a pussy who cant even beat up a mortal, then the next day he wants to go fight the gods?

 I guess the last movie that I saw and really liked was The Crazies, by George C Romero, the king of zombie movies.

Do you agree, or think im just over-reacting?

And, whats the last good movie you saw?

Uploaded 10/19/2010
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