Late Family Thanksgiving Blog

So I would have written and posted this earlier, but I've pretty much been on my deathbed.� Stupid stomach flu.

My family and I have this banter-make-fun-of-each-other relationship.� We all hate/love eachother, and put in a jibe as often as possible.� "Atleast I'm not balding."� "My boobs aren't taking over the world." etc.

My one cousin, K, decided that she would try to set up my other cousin, Col, on a date with her friend.� So Col, who's 15, and his blind bimbo date went to see the new James Bond movie.� Apparantly, the little chicky looked much younger than Col thought.� She maybe looked like she was 11, according to the little Casanova.

At this point, my dad decided that he would get his jibe in, and dubbed Col "Chester the Molester" for the remainder of the holiday.� Good ol' Chester wasn't too terribly happy about this.

Black Friday, after I was done working at noon, I met up with them for Brunch at this little diner.� My dad was telling my uncle, Chester's dad, about the night before, so then Uncle J thought he'd�prod his son in the ribs and screamed across the restaurant (because the diner set-up wasn't a big table, we were all spread out) "Well, I guess Colly goes by 'If she's old enough to pee, she's good enough for me.'"

I love my family.

Pointless story, yes.� It's probably one of those "you had to be there" moments, but I found it funny, and thought I'd share it with the Ebaumers' community.

I'm still too sick to think straight, so this very well may not be funny at all.

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