Late Night Blogging 2

Well, I'm starting to like this "Late Night Blogging" crap. It puts things into perspective. I just saw "Son of Rambow", which was a really cute movie. "Cute? What a fucking queer." Yeah, thanks. I thought that too. Anyway, it seems NO ONE out there has a Blackjack 2, so you've all been a big help there. On TV right now is "The Mummy 2", which gets me thinkin; have you seen the previews for the new one? It looks like a total waste of time. There aren't even mummies like the first one, its just the stupid Dragon Emperor. And didn't Jet Li promise to never show up in a movie like ten movies ago? Guess someone needs the cash... But the movie is gonna suck, and if you are seriously going to pay for that piece of garbage, go back to preschool while you're at it. Cuz why is it in fucking China? I liked Egypt better. Now, maybe my anger is misdirected. My dad was being a real jerk today. I was picking out polo shirts (for mass, I'm not one of those fags who wears them around on a daily basis) and he kept making the joke that I looked like I was five. In every fucking shirt! He really pisses me off sometimes....Well seeing as this is NO way to end a blog, I guess I will have to mix it up. So.... I uh ate a couple pancakes for they were blueberry. Thank God for umm blueberry pancakes. Amen. 

Uploaded 07/30/2008
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