Late night Skinamax and the kid...

So I have a 5 year old boy who is just totally awesome and I love him to death. One night about 3 nights ago my wife was out in the living room watching a movie with our son. I later decided to go get something to eat and as I went out there I noticed our son was still awake watching tv. I realized it was late and that my wife had fell asleep in another room in our house, so I made our son brush his teeth and then tucked him into bed. As I walked back by the tv I saw major T&A all over the screen, you know, the Skinamax type T&A. I was like, OH SHIT! My son had been watching this for I don't know how long because my wife left him there by himself without changing the channel before she dozed off. She knows damn well what is on those premium channels every late night, and it kind of pissed me off that she left it on for him to just sit down and stare at.

Just venting sort of, since she doesn't really do well with others telling her things that maybe she should think about.

Uploaded 09/29/2008
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