Latin proverbs and some boring sentences translated

Variation delects

New man. Jesus savior of men. The multitude of orators terrifies me. The sun's heat. Cato's orations were long. Repetition is the mother of studies. The flowers' colours vary. Doctor for the honour's cause. One but a lion. Consuetude is sorta another nature.

O holy simplicity!

Augustus was prince of the state. Nothing is new under the sun. The art is to cover the art. The magnitudes of king Pyrrhus' elephants terrified the Romans. The laws keep silent among weapons. If you want peace, prepare for war. The naked truth. Keeper of the customs. Extraordinary. Pale death. In the wine, the truth.


O times, o customs!

Asses carry large burdens. The seasons are: spring, summer, autumn, winter. A name is an omen. I love your poems. A great work. Per head. The mouth's confession. Out of time. In body. Unknown kind of disease. No kind. Own name. Time flies. Bath, wine, love corrupt our bodies, but bath, wine, love make life.

Prepared for everything

I'm prepared for everything. Beware of the dog! The soldier's name was Bold. Life is long in misery, short in felicity. Art is long, life is short. The old speak. Nothing is lucky for all parts. I carry my everything with me. No one is born a master. Everyone's war against everyone. Catilina and consorts. Uppsala Royal University. Rare bird. Heath dog violet. Glaucous dog rose. Oriental poppy. Somniferous poppy. Hepatica. Wood anemone. Arctic bellflower. Bluebell. Lily of the valley. Fortune helps the brave. The sun shines on everything. Bread and drama. Love subdues all. We can't all do everything. Clothing makes the man. In vile clothing no one is treated honorably.

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