Laughing my ass off...

Hello everybody, as we already know, I take normal and daily things in concideration, think further and come up with some weird theory which some ppl think are gross, yet funny.

To see my previous theory, check out: ""


At one day, a regular day at msn, i was talking with some girl about random stuff and she suddenly used the abbreviation LMAO...

Laughing My Ass Off.

Normal abbreviation she said but how can peopple laugh their ass off?

Well if you laugh your ass off, you'd be similar to a person who gets bourne without an anus (which does happen). Those people have to shit through their bellybottom in a bottle attached to their belly.


If you think that that is the worst part, then you are pretty mutch wrong because except for the horrible smell the whole day, you'll be having diarrhoea for the rest of your life because the water gets sucked out your poo in colon (anatomy).

In other words, you'll be having nasty smelling diarrhoea dripping out of your bellybottom all day in a bottler attached to your belly...



So if you use the abbreviation "LMAO", think again...

Uploaded 06/28/2008
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