Laws of common sense.............

I like others on this site watched the McCain speech because I have to vote for this guy and I want to know it ALL. I say that I have to vote for McCain because if I write my vote in or not vote at all then I might as well vote for Obama and I am not stupid just a little ticked off at my choices. If I had my way the President we elect would enforce, not change but enforce the laws we have on illegals. I am dreaming so I choose the one who can do it best and that is McCain.

I read it all the time about how John and Palin are against abortion and guess what IT DOES NOT MATTER. People in this country will not allow them to change roe -vs- wade. I am against abortion but could care less about this because it will stay the same. I also hear how if they are elected they will not take care of poor people but that is liberal BS. NO party has done more for the middle and the lower class than the conservative party. You see that same group of people who are against abortion are the same people who will be there to help IF you need it, not if you are too lazy to take care of yourself. Here is the biggie I hear all the time "the republicans are giving tax breaks to the rich and to company's" Hell yes and you better be glad they do because if they cant get the breaks here then they will move to another country and take our jobs with them and it is happening every day. Lets say it was your company and you could choose to make 1 million or 2 million what would you do? Come on people THINK. We dont have to like it but we better keep doing it.


I watched Mr. John McCain last night and I wondered if people really knew they were actually watching a TRUE HERO not some fake but a real hero. I think about the blogs that were written where people made fun of him not being able to raise his arms. You are an idiot if you did because he did this thing to himself for YOU and ME. You want to make fun of him because he is so old and now because he was a POW he just has to be a war monger well WRONG again because ask any pow and they will tell you the Last thing they want to do is get into another war. It is because of this that I will vote for Mr. McCain because if he takes us into war then we must belong there.


I know this is not a fun blog but it is some common sense that seems to be lacking in the others. Again thanks for reading Bohank.



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