laws that heal

I was thinking today about our laws in this culture. I makes little sense to me that we design laws that we know are going to be broken. It can't be to make money for the state or for the federal government, because it ends up costing them more then it makes. It seems more like we get the idea that we can say something is wrong even though we know it's going to happen. Who among us can say we are not law breakers? I don't condone acts like rape, murder, theft, and assault, but I do realize they are inevitable, not to mention smaller crimes then those. So rather then create a system to make the problem worse, destroying the lives of the criminal, the victim, the families of both and costing the state and the taxpayers shitloads of money to feed a pile of cretins for free for a number of years, we should have created a system that realizes these things happen when you get enough people together, and working from that assumption, helps to heal the damage done and get everyone on with thier lives. or just kill the fuck. pick an extreme and stick with it though.

Uploaded 07/19/2008
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