Lazy people beware lol.................

I havent had my beer so I might seem a little cranky but if I hear one more crybaby piece of crap complain about how they are mistreated or have the next and newest Syndrome I think I will just BUST THEM RIGHT IN THE FACE and bet your ass I am the one who can do it. I am at Kroger buying groceries when I see this guy pull into the handicap spot and get out running, yes I said running and I call him on it because I see this gentleman in a van gets out and helped his wife into a wheel chair that is not a handicap spot because why? The ASS took the last one and he turns to me and says well I have Carpal Tunnel. You see the problem with this is the fact that I have carpal tunnel on both hands and have had four unsuccessful surgeries and I can still walk to the grocery entrance. It didnt end there because we were arguing through out the store when it happened, he threatened me and I asked him "with those poor pitiful hands of yours I am surprised at you". Here is the problem as you get older you dont hold your tongue as well as you should and this is one of those times lol I wish I could tell you that he struck at me and I gave him a Kaustic move but no that is not how it went, it went like this........He threatened and I walked over and punched him in the face and he flew into the apples (which I had to buy $18.00) and I was asked to leave and he pulled out his cell phone and called the Florence Police. I was standing outside waiting for the police because he got my plate number and there was no use in running when his 11 year old son got out of his vehicle and started crying. Now I feel like a piece of crap because no son should see his dad get his butt kicked. To finish up here stock boy heard the threat and cops called it mutual combat or something like that and we were just warned to shape up. Ready for it.....during the questioning the cops found out about where he was parked and gave HIM a ticket. lol lol


BTW my hand hurts now, its amazing you never hear about that part do you?


Old ? Maybe! Taking crap from lazy people? Not yet and thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 11/13/2008
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