leave the rich alone!



Anyone can get rich, anyone. Every single person born on this planet has a gift or talent that God gave them. I dont care who it is, they will have a skill that hardly anyone else has. All you have to do is find out what you love what youre good at and go for it. You can make money writing blogs FFS! Ive been studying how to make beer, Ive always loved a good beer, so why not try to make my own, save money buying it, and possibly start my own brewery down the road.Most people would get discouraged and say what are the chances I start a successful brewery? Well if you dont chase your dream, youll never know.


Anyone whos ever tried to make it by doing something and failed, quit the first time they failed, if they had got back up an tried again, I guarenfuckintee you they woulda made it. This is why it kills me when people hate on the rich. Maybe they inherited it, but back down the line someone stood up said Im tired of bein an average joe, and built that fortune. Im not anywhere close to rich, but it can happen I just have to work on it. Not say woe is me, I didnt just get all this money from birth...


QQ Shut the fuck up, not everythings gunna get handed to you, and punishing people that did get it is hateful and jealousy. Im all for getting rid of the income tax, and over taxing the rich. Its fucking retarded, and its hurting the economy. You know who makes out on all this? The government. Fuck them!

Uploaded 08/07/2010
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