Leave them at home.

 When the hell did it become acceptable behavior to bring your fricking dogs to peoples houses? If you invite people over you have to specify No Dogs? For the benefit of those who dont know this, NOBODY thinks that your pets or your children are as cute as you do. And if you do drop by peoples houses, even if your invited, that does not mean your pets are free to do what they want or that they are welcome. I have owned dogs in the past and I really like dogs but I have some very strict rules about animals that some pet owners seem to think are too hard nosed. #1Get off the furniture especially when I want to sit down. #2 Get the hell away from me when Im eating. #3 Stay away from people unless your called. Most dogs learn those three rules in about 5 minutes. If you cant keep your animal under control LEAVE IT AT HOME. I cant be the only one who thinks this way. It disturbs me a bit because it seems like these people treat their dogs as their children. I had someone not show up for a family gathering because I said No when asked if dogs were welcome. The dog doesnt like to stay home alone was the reason given for this absence. Oh well, is my way of thinking on that subject. I cant choose relatives but if they got mud on my couch and begged while I was eating I wouldnt want them to show up either. I just had to get that off my chest. What the hell is this world coming to?

Uploaded 08/01/2008
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