Left 4 Dead

It's been a while since Valve made a game and I was quite excited to hear that they were making a zombie shooter. There's not much information given to you on how the situation started, only a sentence at the begining that says "2 weeks after the infection". But, as you play through the story you start to understand more and more. There are four playable characters: Zoey-A dramaqueen that is pretty good with pistols, Bill-A retired war veteran, Francis-a biker, and Louis-an office employee. Not the typical bunch you would think of who would survive millions of zombies trying to kill them huh? So anyways, the campaign has four, well, campaigns. Each of them has five chapters. Each campaign lasts you about 30 to 60 minutes depending on the difficulty setting. But, this short playtime is not bad. It actually makes the story more fun. Look, if a campaign was, let's say, two hours, it would get boring after a while. But, the way the developers made it, each chapter has a lasting appeal. But what's really cool is that if you replay a campaign, everything changes. Zombie placements change, item locations change, etc. This is because the game bases the placement of things on your stats. The better you are doing, the less the game helps you out. You can play campaign with four players online or by yourself with the help from AI, but it doesn't feel the same, so party up with other people for a better experience. Multiplayer is actually really cool too. You play through a selected campaign and switch off betweem humans and zombies. A round is over if the humans make it to the safe room or if they all die. Zombies, well they give it their all to bring all four humans down. The only downside to this game is that there is only about 8 weapons in the game if you include the mounted machine gun which pops up only at the end of a campaign, molotovs and pipe bombs. A better variety of weapons would have made this game even more better. Look, if you haven't already gotten this game, you NEED to go out and buy it. This is going to be a hard competitor for game of the year. This game is wonderful. It's spectacular. It's a perfect 5 out of 5.

Uploaded 11/23/2008
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