Legal Abortion


(I wrote this in WORD but ebaumsworld hates WORD so it looks fucked up.)


Here’s how it goes concerning abortion.


Rape is a crime. A very ugly crime that can (and normally does) haunt the victim for the entirety of their lives- causing a decreased or fear of sexual arousal or intercourse, mental anguish, and paranoia. Some rape victims overcome it, some don’t.


Some people are fucking stupid and obviously have never learned what protection is.


Anyway, abortion should and will probably continue to be legal because of two things:

  1. Woman’s rights to her own self
  2. Medical complications


The first one is quite simple. A woman’s body changes drastically throughout pregnancy. There’s no denying it whatsoever. Without abortion, women would have to submit to nine months of pregnancy (hormonal changes, body changes, etc.) with no escape and that’s only considering that she puts it up for adoption. But why go through the whole process of the pain of birth and all that good stuff for something you could give a shit about? Women who wouldn’t want to have the baby don’t give a shit what they do- drink, smoke, do drugs, wrestle with their boyfriend, try to use a coat hanger…so most likely, the baby is going to end up fucked in the first place. This excludes the negligent mothers (that leave their children unattended in the bathtub and cars) and the irritated to insanity mothers (the ones who kill their children because they can’t cope). So really…an unwanted child is going to be killed, abused, hated, or resented. Not to mention babies from rape who will probably be hated and abused even more. How could you look at your child lovingly knowing it was a product of rape? And how is the child going to feel when s/he learns that they weren’t wanted, they were conceived out of hatred and force? Not good I’m guessing.



The second one is pretty simple too. Medical complications can arise that could affect the baby’s health, the mother’s health or both. Are you suggesting that even if the mother had AIDS that she should give birth anyway knowing full well it could and probably would be spread to her child? Isn’t that like killing it anyway- only slower? How does that value life at ALL? You bring a child into the world only to watch it die before it even reaches the age of intellectual thought. What about crippled children? Mentally retarded children? Sometimes pregnancies don’t work out. People have miscarriages; C-sections, or a stillborn. Things happen and if it’s better to have an abortion than make a child suffer, have the abortion.


As for the people who say that victims “put themselves in that situation”, shut the fuck up. Not everyone gets raped at college parties, okay? Rape can happen anywhere and more often than not it’s by someone you know. I’m sick of hearing “poor baby, it’s murder!” what about the woman? “poor woman, it’s rape”. Suck it up. Why should the woman put her life on hold because of something she never wanted? What if she was in college? Now she'll have to work at McDonalds, wishing she had that law degree so she doesn't have to flip burgers for minimum wage, all the while raising a child that cost her, literally, the best years of her life.


What it ALL comes down it is that you have no right to tell ANYONE what to do with their body. No right whatsoever. So all you pro-life extremists can go back to the abortion clinics with your protest signs and scream all you want at the people going inside. No one cares about what you have to say. Feel good! You’ll never have to get an abortion because no one wants to fuck you anyway.



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