Legalisation of Marijuana

As most of you know, there's been a lot of talk around here about pot laws and whatnot. Or actually not, I'm just an attention whore. Here's my poorly-structured opinion:

Legalisation of marijuana should never happen. It characterises retarded junkies with bad teeth, demoralises children, and tyrannises society. 82% of pot smokers are also proven uneducated or dropped out of school for being addicts *sips whiskey at 9 in the morning*. They're also mad because they can't afford real drugs. A study shows this, because I said so.

Never mind the fact I purposely used the wrong suffix at the end of all those big words, even though as I'm typing this it's telling me they're wrong. If you mention how my feeble grasp of English makes me look like a retard, I'll just call you a jealous plebe. If you expect me to back up my claims, you're also a jealous plebe. If I get too butthurt, I can always just say I'm from Australia or something. #ohburn #genius #bestebwblogger

Since I obviously speak for anyone who's intellectual (which includes those who play chess after searching Google for sure-win strategies, or watch HBO shows with a lot of gay pipis), then this blog should only be appreciated by smart, attractive, cool people. Only dumb retarded plebes will hate it and 1 star it with all their alts.

Never mind the fact I use 200 of mine to bump my views which only leaves about 12 of you. If you 1 star it cuz I'm a moron, I'll spend all day tomorrow flagging your submissions and thumbing you. Don't think I won't take all day using all of them to do it, either. Cuz that's what smart, attractive, cool people do of course.

I'm also Asian and don't even know what 'plebe' is short for.

YES This is the actual pic you can easily find on Google.
Ohayou, guys! #tranny #busted #fakeasian

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