I am not bragging just merely stating for the record that i used to smoke weed in my younger days but gave it up once I had kids old enough to see dad's red eyes. I was reading that for the first time people from NORML think we are actually getting close to the legalization of pot and I for one am all for it. Long ago I wrote a term paper on the effects of legalizing on our economy and i wish I could remember what all the facts were but you know what smoking does for you and if you dont just wait a few years. I do remember that if we taxed and sold it at liquor stores we would have erased the National debt in less that 3 years and that included 25% spent on education of drugs and there effects and another 10% used for rehab centers. This so called war on drugs is so damn expensive and down right wrong in my opinion especially the drug laws with mandatory sentencing. I have heard of 18 and 19 year old kids with life sentences (without parole) for the first time selling of cocaine and no I dont think we should legalize that, but our drug laws are out of touch or archaic if you like. They say we are still a few years down the road before we see legalization but it seems we are heading down that path. I just dont believe in this whole Idea of "gateway drugs" you are going to use or your not and I am now hearing that tobacco is a gateway drug is it to far off to think that Corn Pops are a gateway to smoking pot when all of us know its pot that is a gateway to Corn Pops.

Excuse me I just smoked a cigarette and now I have the confidence and feel the need to score some smack and no I didn't say Sugar Smacks, for Gods sake put the damn joint down.


Thanks for reading Bohank



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