legalize freedom for americans

now who else believes marijuana should be legalized? there are billions of us this is suppose to be a free country right? and yet we are treated more slowly like slaves we can smoke something out of the ground that is natural with no man made chemicals in it mostly because the government fully regulate it too easy to grow by your self but they would still make billions off of the legalization from selling it and from the decline in the prison population. they banned smoking in bars the one place you need to smoke where you should be able to smoke a place you go to unwind and relax from the day and mostly just to have fun in some places you can't even smoke outside this country is slowly turning into a communist country. now they are taking away online poker just because they are not making any money off of it the government cannot let the american people be happy unless they can benefit in someway from it. this world is ran bye nothing but the greediest people on this planet and they will remain there because they have the money to buy anyone they want. maybe one day the american people will revolt and raise against their government doubtful but we can still dream of a free america... its our body and our life we only have one life in this world we should be able to live our life anyway we please!
Uploaded 06/15/2011
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