Lesson Learned

What will happen, with the dollar collapse?
Its an important question, that no one will ask
The  reason for working, and fighting, and dying
what will we do, when cost outweighs supplying?

Itll be a days wages, to pay for a meal
inflation doesnt appreciate, how an empty belly feels

How will our cars run, when the oil runs dry?

We all know its coming, and well have to comply

Pollution is gone, but a million rusted hulks,
Former transportation, now dead as we sulk

Try to devise, a way to survive
But our thinking is so backwards,
we cant even open our eyes

But what will we do, and where will we work?
when wages are worthless, and hopelessness lurks
The streets will run rampant, with chaos and destruction
But why should cops work, when theres no form or function?

You think a man works, for nobility and praise?
Please, dont be foolish, its for money, I say

The West sets the model, by which example they go
But tell me, what happened, to the status quo?

The United States, isnt quite so united
All this greed and hatred, has us sharply divided

Meanwhile, foreign armies, build up and prepare
To fight one last war, and make whats our theirs

I can see it, I can hear it, on alternative news
Since mainstream media thinks, we should have no clue

The US has a mess, by the name of the press,
They twist the truth, or give a half-lie at best

So who can we trust, to give us direction?
Or is it everyone for themselves, is that the real lesson?

Uploaded 12/16/2011
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