Letemdangle's Early Years. Parliament Buildings.

When I was fifteen years old living in Toronto, my family and I made a short visit to relatives in Ottawa. At the time bus fare was thirty five cents, so my brother and I decided to splurge and visit the Parliament buildings. That is, for people who are unfamiliar with Canada, the seat of power. The buildings are very old and built from large limestone, by powerful Scottish masons who immigrated to Canada.

At that time, and for a few years that followed, security was not a big concern. You could drive right up to the front doors of the center block, smoke a joint while listening to Led Zeppelin and no one would bother you. I actually did this a few years later with my uncle. That's another story.

So for the first time my younger brother and I are walking up the hill towards the parliament buildings, in through the front doors, down the corridors, until we are merged with a tour group of old people and Japanese tourist within the stunning library.

Being the curious and mischievous type, I with my somewhat easily overwhelmed brother, make our way to the staircases. I have always loved to climb and the two hundred year oldĀ  stone stairwells were candy to my eyes.

The climb was almost straight up until we had to enter a small corridor. As we walked down two very engaged, within their own conversation security guards, approached and passed us. We met yet another set of stairs, much more narrower, as we reached the top we saw was the workings of the big clock.

Now, usually being the trouble maker I was, it was possible that I would have placed a heavy object within the gear system, but I loved my country and somehow I felt that, doing such a thing would be treason. Instead I just wanted to climb as high in the tower as I possibly could.

Eventually, my brother and I made it to the highest accessible point inside the tower. There were
two windows that could open. I opened one window, stood on the ledge and cried out loud, "I love Canada"! People from below started to clap. My brother was starting to get nervous and asked me to get back in.

We left the building no questions asked, just friendly smiles all the way through.

Here is a picture of the center tower, I stood on the ledge of the window to the left. The top window required a ladder and was too small regardless.


I wish the World was still like that!

And now for something completely cool!

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