Lets add McDonalds to the list of trailer trash hang-outs

I havent seen this much trailer trash since the last time I shopped at wal-mart! I guess thats why you see so many Mcdonalds attached to the wal-marts.

This one was attached to a gas station though. I dont know why in the hell I wanted to eat there anyways--I guess the baby was craving french fries.

After waiting 15 minutes to get the wrong order I sat down and there was a guy a few tables over from me yelling into a cell phone. He was talking to someone about having a "colostomy" and the fact that he was shitting yellow stuff. Exactly what I want to hear when I am about to enjoy my food.

This went on for about another 5 minutes. Meanwhile, a little old asian lady came and sat down at the table next to me. I dont know what is up with asian people wanting to stand or be so damn close to you. THere were a dozen other tables but she chose to sit right next to me. She took off her shoes and started picking at her dry crusty feet. 

I didnt even finish my fries, I just left. The sad thing is, I will probably go back agian and again as soon as the baby demands more fries. He didnt see what was going on. And when I get a craving there is no stopping me. MMMM...french fries...dipped in big mac sauce!...gotta go!

Uploaded 11/08/2008
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