Lets get down to the facts science vs religion

Now regardless of if you believe in white jesus, black jesus, buddah, thor, mithra, allah, mohammed, etc, this is just a blog to show you the facts of how one has progressed HUMANITY and the other has been humanities largest folly.
Since the creation of deities recorded to around 6000 years before jesus and God supposedly created the earth, man has used them to explain what at that time was unexplained.   With further advancements through science observation and technology we have came to the conclusion that where GOD DID IT was being proclaimed, little by little, we were explaining the unexplainable.  We came to the conclusion that zues is not throwing lightning and apollo is not carrying the sun across the sky.  They can be explained by the release of electricity in the atmosphere and the elliptical patterns of the planets.  Just as the world is not flat, slavery is bad and women are equal to men.

A small history lessons for those of you who wonder why NOBODY aside from the christians want christianity in power any more.  To sum it up nicely, THE DARK AGES, the worst MILLENNIUM in human history which saw hundreds of thousands killed in the name of god, witches and atheists burned and all knowledge silenced in fear of death.  This thousand year dark ages put humanities interest on the back burner for progress in this life, to further the chance of a happy eternal afterlife.  Thankfully humans after being told over and over of the return of god and hellfire to come, and seeing absolutely every religion being wrong in every prediction they have made started a little thing called awareness.  Simply observing the world around them, opening their minds to possibilities AND ASKING QUESTIONS.  To realize that it is despicable to follow somebody who says this is the way it is if you ask questions go to hell, was one of the most amazing moments in human history. Sadly the church still had almost full control of the scientists and any and all who went against the church were arrested and oppressed(a word the american christains have no clue its true value) yet non believers and intellects of the like continued to push science out of the churches tyrannical grips.

Keep pushing forward through the years science is gaining an amazing foothold, the development of better telescopes tears the bullshit of astrology apart from the science of astronomy(another huge leap for science).  People are still being oppressed but for the most of them the fear of being lit on fire for their research is dwindling like the belief in gods.  We start to approach the 1800s and 1900s and technology and science are now progressing humanity in a way that nobody could have possibly predicted aside from Nostradamus.  We invented electricity, cars, computers, cellphones, travel into space and to the moon,  place telescopes in space to see the deep reaches of the universe and find wondrous things that help advance life as we know it.  Science has all but eradicated most of the deadliest and most debilitating diseases known to man, far past some hokum faith healing and prayer ever achieved in its glory days.  

Now you can continue on fighting over who has the best imaginary friend and keep perpetuating the lies of your religion indoctrinating your kids into the same cults and acting as if this life means nothing compared to a promise from a racist sexist, homophobic, childish sky fairy that life is eternal.  This is the exact opposite of what we call knowledge today.  Your shitty god even tells you those who strive for knowledge shall be persecuted in the story of adam and steve what was the tree she ate from?  The tree of knowledge.  GROW THE FUCK UP, teach your children how to learn, how to expand their minds to the wonders of the universe, teach them how to be skeptical and that the beginning of an intelligent mind is losing the fear of asking a question.  You teach them how to grow as humans and love one another as humans and they will NEVER pickup the assbackwards morals of our man made deliriums.

Where are the scientists leading our governments, why are the intellects of society not in charge of our world yet a man who believes in magical pajamas almost becomes leader of a super power?  Does anyone not see the flawed logic in our powers to be blatantly lying to us about everything?  We need to stop fighting over whose god makes a better miracle 2000 years ago or saying there is no god(This is just as dumb a statement but it does have the evidence).  We need to teach children the peace we all crave, this means acceptance of any and ALL religious sects, the passing on of education and the backing of teachers as if they were MLB players not babysitters.  Religion is arguably the worst thing to happen to humanity so why don't you get off your high horses, sit the fuck back and let science drive and unite us and pray to god that the atheists, agnostics, and scientists who come to power are far more logical then christianty was during the dark ages.  THANK YOU AND FUCK YEAH SCIENCE!!!!

Daylin Kay.....
Uploaded 07/23/2013
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