Lets put a tariff on foreign cars

People in the US are complaining that the auto industry is going under. Well, it is the fault of the shit heads in this country who are buying foreign cars. If you would only buy American, than the Auto industry would be doing better.

I know the Japanese cars and German vehicles are better built and all that, however, that is just an excuse that everyone keeps making all the time. Maybe it is time to raise hell. Call your congressman and tell them to pass a law that US cars need to be made better than they are. Call GM and Ford and tell them to make them better or whatever.

In Germany I did not see one single US car dealer! They dont even buy our cars over there! As it says in the bible: Do unto others as you will have done to you. That must mean, they dont want us to buy their cars either. So lets not buy them!

Although, since so many people are buying them, maybe we need to do what the Japanese do to all our products: Put a huge tax on all Japanese cars. Not that they buy any of our cars either, but all American products they do buy, have a huge tax on them.

So if we charged a Five % (5%) Tariff on all Japanese cars that would be a lot of money to stimulate our economy. That is if it did not discourage people from buying imports.

So if you sell One Million Toyotas in a month and you get an extra $500 tax off each of them, that is $500 Million dollars a month the govt. can use to pay off the national debt, give us another stimulus package, pay back the money from the other stimulus pkg, fix our roads, fight terror, send a man to the moon, bring down gas prices, etc.

They might as well do this, because, so many people insist on buying foreign cars, that it is ruining our economy and they might as well make some money off it any way. It would also seek a little revenge (or justice however you see it) on the foreign countries who are ruining our economy.

Keep in mind: The unemployment rate in the US is already high. If the Auto industry goes under, just because people dont give a shit, the unemployment rate will be 100 times worse!

You already cant find a job now. But if the auto industry goes under, that will take away at least 50 Million jobs from the US. That means, there will be that many more people looking for a job, making it harder for you to get a new job!

Not only is the Auto industry the biggest industry in Michigan and surrounding states, but, Millions of other jobs in the US and other countries, support the Auto industry, directly or indirectly. So those jobs will be affected to!

So just think about that before you buy a damn foreign car. Maybe you should tattoo a swastika on your forehead before you buy it!

Uploaded 01/12/2009
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