Let's Talk Aliens!

Ever since I was a little kid I've always been fascinated with space, and one of the most popular topics of space is of course aliens. It's fantastic and yet frightening to think of any other living organisms living outside of our warm and cozy earth. Humans of course, have been around for thousands of years and we have come to know much about ourselves. We know the functions of our organs, how our brain works, and doctors have been able to manipulate our bodies to help those in need. But how the creation of life began will remain in theories. Religion will tell of a god who created life and humans while science will tell of evolution and millions of years of slow progression. After the earth cooled down and water flooded the planet, single celled organism formed and the rest was left up to evolution. But some theories tell of a different start to life on earth. Scientists have found meteors on earth that have led them to think that live began somewhere else. They theorize that these rocks carried life from another world and found its way to the earth's surface. So if life could have come from another place, then there is life outside of earth right now that could be evolving and creating right beside us. But this is all theory of course, but wouldn't it be such a fantastic feeling to know life can reside in the far reaches of space? Would we ever come into contact with them? What would they look like? It's a crazy thought that many continue to ponder. Do you have any information about aliens to add? Please comment below and rate! 
Uploaded 04/02/2012
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