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Big brother is out there and he is getting so smart we dont even notice that we are being watched. This is about those damn cell phones once again because today I almost got ran over by some girl who was talking or texting on her DAMN PHONE instead of looking at me walking to my car. This crap is just getting out of hand or as my brother said to me "you are going to get better at technology even if they have to run you over to get it done" and this is where Big Brother comes into this little story.


If you take a man who is already paranoid as it is (btw you are not paranoid if they are really watching) and try to run him over it will cause him to start thinking outside of the box. Back a few months ago some train engineer was texting on his phone and was in an accident and they proved this by comparing the time of the accident and the phone logs on his phone. If you are in an accident and are on the phone and the guy you hit has one of the newer model cars with satellite capabilities do you think that some insurance company can put the puzzle together??? Well I can guarantee you they can, now if I can find a way to put one of these computers in my head.


Thanks for reading a series of paranoid thoughts from a guy who thinks Terminator is really just a documentary. Bohank


Uploaded 06/01/2009
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