Lets try not to be dumb

I intend on posting another blog sometime tonight. While I realize that this site is probably not the best place in the world to have an intelligent discussion, I am willing to try since it seems that at least a few people are willing to try as well. However, you should know that there are things you can do to completely destroy your credibility and therefore your argument.

A fact is an objectively verifiable assertion. You should try to argue facts. Although, if your argument mentions 7 or 8 facts, and they are all wrong, you do not help yourself. I truly enjoyed all of the wonderful, enlightening pms I received after my last blogs, but I should point something out. I am not a liberal pussy tree hugging hippie faggot living in san francisco. There are 6 factual assertions in that sentence, and they are all wrong. Furthermore, it is a little disingenous to make that argument and then accuse me of getting all of my facts off of the tv. There is no way that anything I say gives rise to those assumptions. Only if you watch Bill Oreilly calling everyone he disagrees with a liberal and mocking the city of san francisco can that assumption being made. So when you do that, you highlight your hypocrisy. Perhaps the only PM that I can post without fear of my account being banned is: "you are just a pussy. You put up all of these shields to make it seem like it but you still are. I am leaving a nearly 85,000$ a year job to join the military because I am not a pussy like you. You are just a 17 year old kid who thinks he knows something. You are just a confused liberal. Oh shit I should just call you liberal"

Wow, good for you. It has nothing to do with my arguments, but thanks for sharing. So when I post my blog later, just remember- arguing that the army gives me freedom and then telling me that if I feel a certain way I should leave the country is not  a coherent position. I am not 17, I am not voting for Obama, and I do not live anywhere in California. Try to dispute my facts instead of projecting certain thoughts on me that I do not advance anywhere in my argument. In short, try not to be dumb.

Uploaded 08/03/2008
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