Leve my boy alone

My baby boy tell me dat some a yall be pickin on him here.  Leave dat bastrd alone.  It aint his fault he be ridin de short bus.  It aint his fault he be havin zits dat look like pizza.  It aint his fault dat he be fat.  He know how ta use dat book wit all dem words in it.  De one dat tell you what words mean.  He use dat like a foo to rite doze blawgins.  He get paper cuts on his fingaz. 

Da only sto he know is best buy.  He know dat place cuz he try to steal.  Dey catched him.  He got camunity cervix fer it.  He had ta pick up trash.  I tell da judge ta have him do dat at home too.  Our trailer be dirtyer dan hobos ass.

Yall leve him alone.  He be cryin now.  Doze blawgs make em cri.  He crin like a lil biznich.  He uglier dan cin.  He aint never gonna get puzzy.  He gotta do butsecs with dat chinaman Neko.  Dey be doin dirty sex on da couch.  I had ta move outa dey way so I culd watch Cops.  I watch dat sho ta see his daddy.  I aint seen him since I roofied his ass and rapped him.  Dats da only way I get some.

Uploaded 12/09/2011
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