Liberal, you are my enemy.

I found out there are too many Liberals on Ebaumsworld and the rest of the world. They just have one problem, their heads are too far up their asses. Liberalism equals to the destruction of family values, Morals, and liberalism is extremely unsafe for America. Whenever I ask a Liberal-Why is legalizing Marijuana a good idea? They tend to change the subject to avoid the question. Why is killing an innocent baby an awesome idea? Yet again-no answer. 3000 American civilians died in 1 day from Al-Qaeda, more died in Europe and Africa from Al-Qaeda and Taliban, Terror threat is high and we could be attacked any time. When I ask a Liberal-Why did Bush send troops to Afghanistan and Iraq? I get the response I always expect "Bush wanted Oil", I simply ask them Why are the gas prices still low, again they have no response.

Terrorists in Guantamo Bay Prison know that the Liberals support them. Liberals forgot who the good and bad guys were, They smoked too much Pot and their minds got so fucked up that they don't even know who they themselves are. What I say is controversial, Liberal assholes hate what I say, I am not surprised and I simply don't give a fuck. Sure I will debate against you but usually it's no use, Liberals are too fucking stupid to understand what I say. You tell me I got brainwashed, right? School teachers are Liberals, non are Conservatives, I was a Liberal until my senior in high-I pulled my head out of my ass and everything makes sense now except for Liberalism.


There is a hidden message, Liberals-prove me you have a brain by putting the underlined bold letters together.

Uploaded 04/24/2009
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