Liberals are Devils in disguise promoting sex education

Immoral sexuality, the result of 40+ years of teaching Sex Ed in schools and convincing children it is OK to be having wild sexual encounters in their pre-teen years. I saw the curriculum of my local grade school and frankly Im glad that I do not have children in the public schools. Obama and his cohort of perverted Chicago political thugs want to force schools into teaching kids (not even in high school) about homosexual sex and how to use condoms.

Kids, of any age, dont need to learn about those depravities. Even worse is that tax payer money is being used to teach them about Adam and Steve. We cant have kids pray in schools but we can teach them how to have anal intercourse with same-sex partners. Thats the liberal vision of America. Get kids oversexed and pregnant, when they become single mothers or abandoned children use them as political tools to divert money from the wealthy to the poor ghetto inner cities. In turn, the poor ghetto residents turn out en masse to continue to elect liberal fascists like Clinton and Obama (and all their friends in Congress).

The older posters here will probably remember that the entire sex ed movement was based on a bunch of mostly debunked and fabricated research by Kinsey back in the 50s. Do an internet search for Dr. Judith Reisman if youre interested in knowing the truth about Kinseys lies and the liberal agenda to promote sex ed in schools.

Uploaded 08/11/2010
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