Liberalism is an ideal that will never work unless you want to live in a country like Jamaica (No offense Jamaica). Liberals Smoke Pot, Kill Innocent Babies, Sympathize Terrorists, Are Lazy, Smell like shit, Hate their own soldiers, and Suck Balls.

Ralph Nader, who is a Liberal Politician, ran for presidency and promised to legalize Marijuana. I don't know about you but I for one wouldn't want a government high on weed the whole fucking time. All drugs do is fuck up families, destroy lives and dreams. Why is doing drugs fun, cool, good? Anyone have a good explanation?

Convicts kill 1-50 people and sometimes more, Unborn babies kill 0 people. Liberals feel sorry for the Convicts who killed people and don't want them executed, Liberals hate unborn babies and want all innocent babies dead. Conservatives want to execute Convicted Murderers, they don't support the murder of innocent babies. Which makes more sense? Hmm, I wonder.

Prisoners in Guantanamo Bay are fucking guilty of killing American and Coalition troops. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is the convicted 9/11 mastermind who killed more than 3000 American civilians in a single day. He is being held at Guantanamo, Liberals think of him as a hero, Conservatives want his head on a stick. Omar Khadr killed an American soldier with a grenade, he is being held at Guantanamo Bay and claims to be tortured. He and many terrorists in Gitmo know they have the support of Liberals.

Liberals are lazy because they tend to live off of welfare, I don't support the fact that the taxes I pay go to the Liberals who in turn use the money to buy drugs.

"If you don't stand behind our troops, then please feel free to stand in front of them", For those who don't understand-If you don't support our troops, try doing their job. Code Pink, World Can't Wait, Westboro Baptist Church, Liberals, all make me sick when it comes to supporting soldiers. If you really hate American soldiers, then get the fuck out. No one will protect you from terrorism, Natural disasters, and ect...

I don't hate Queers but make sure you keep your distance if you're gay. I hate the idea of men making out with each other, it is disgusting and repulsive. Being Gay is by choice, No one in my family is gay, I don't have gay friends. I don't want a Flaming Queer to become president, AIDs is the cure.

Liberals want to spread the wealth, SOCIALISM. I say keep what you earn, if you work hard to find out most of the money you earned went welfare then I am sure you would be pretty fucking pissed.

What I just typed is highly controversial, You Liberals who hate what I said- I never forced you to read my entry, you putting gay comments will only make me hate you even more.



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