Life and b.s.

Alot of people spend their days complaining about how bad life is, how much gas prices are, how much they work every week, depression, and so on. Open your could be so much damn worst, i mean look back just 80 years, you would be lucky to eat everyday of the week in this country, or even have acess to water or a shitter, and most of all work. You are alive, you eat, you have a bed, access to school and a grocery store.

People have become to reliant on things, worrying about how big their t.v. is or if their clothes are brand name. These things are small, is a t.v. going to save your life? do your brand name shoes make you healthier? i think not. Most people want hand-outs in life, they cant keep life simple. And if you hate this country so much, grab a passport or visa and hop on plane, we don't need you anyways, we have a surplus of assholes, retards, and haters.

And on to the Presidentual race, all this is becoming is a "in the dark" election, people dont even know why they are voting for Obama, they just think he's a "cool" guy. But if you really wanna take that big of a risk, hey more power to ya, i mean come on now, i've heard dozens of rap songs about him, it's getting a little sick. I Think they should change elections, instead of having 1 canidate for each party, i belive it should be two or even three, there is not much choice, but there still is a choice.


So when you wake up tomarrow instead of being angry at the world, loosen your ass up because you dont know when your last seconds are...


Enough of my b.s.




Uploaded 09/28/2008
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