Life is Good

Ive been slacking off lately and I apologize for letting down those who claims my writing. Ive posted a few galleries tho and one of them got featured giving me my first featured pictures and raising my points to the contributor level. Milestones.


Its been 3 weeks now since I started my new job and people have been asking non-stop if I like it and it was pretty awkward because it takes time to make up your mind about a new job. Youre not gonna fully realise what it entails in the first week. At this point I can tell you that its great. Helping lawyers and notaries to communicate with their clients is so much more interessting and rewarding than collecting cell phone bills! Most of the lawyers want me to call them by their first name now and they are actually very nice people. Of course, theres IS the occasionnal bitch. Bitches are everywhere but they are a very small minority and I dont see them everyday because they mostly work from home or on the road.


I get a fair amount of random asian people calling so I was tought a few words in chinese by Notary Truong: Ley Kong Jong Mane? It means: Do you speak chinese - If they say yes, then its a client of hers for sure. If theyre confused, its for the vietnamese notary, Mrs Nguyen!


I love how convineant everything is for me at this job. Like the bus I catch on the corner of my street that drops me of in front of my work place in exactly 7 minutes and gets me home for 5:13 (i finish at 5) every night. I love that theres a tim hortons on the first floor of my building so I dont even have to go outside to get coffee during the day. I love having pictures of my cats and my sis on my desk and not having those moved around and damaged by some asshole part timer using my desk. I adore bringing my psp to work and listen to my personnal playlist. And its pretty awesome to leave work half an hour earlier every friday and still getting paid until 5.


I have so much free time during work that I could bring a laptop over there and start writing a novel. Receptionnists on each floor have their activities, whether its knitting slippers or scrapbooking. I like to read rock music magz like guitar world and such or do some crossword puzzles. Yes, half of the time im actually being paid to read about music and do games.


Some of my lawyers travel up north to go defend native americans in Kuujjuak, Kuujjurapik and George-River, so sometimes I receive a collect call from some violent alcoholic rapist and Im allowed to be rude to them. Thats customer service the way I like it. Those who have to defend these guys tell me shamelessly that their clients are assholes and should be treated like so! It feels great to be able to tell someones whos been calling 5 times a day that hes fucking annoying and needs to stop bothering me. '' Just go sit in your cell and wait for monday and your lawyers gonna be there to talk to. Until then, if you collect call me ill refuse the charges''


Im looking forward to the christmas party in 4 weeks. I dont have to pay a dime for shit and its gonna be great: wine tasting and a 5 course, very posh dinner cooked by one of Montreal's hottest new chefs. Hes a friend of a lawyers, ah connections! Ill probably have more shit to talk about before that in my next blog. Maybe ill tell you about trick or treating with my sis. Havent done it it 7 years now. Otherwise my Bday is coming up on november 10 but since my best friend now lives up north, there probably wont be a big party unless he comes down here.


Aunt platy loves you!


P.S. My boyfriends sister had her second child last week so im technically her aunt...

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