Lil Wayne "The Best Rapper Alive"

Well if you listen to rap this is all you hear and what most of you are probably saying, Lil wayne is the best rapper alive. The best rapper alive isnt Nas or Jay Z, Eminem defiently isnt and half of you probably never heard of Talib Kweli or Immortal Technique, so they defiently cant be the best rappers alive. Rakim is another name you people probably dont no along with Common. Youve probably heard of Krs One but never thought about listening to him. All the people i just named defiently are not the best rappers alive. Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive. Look its not that i hate lil wayne he isnt bad. Hes what i call a change of pace rapper. Hes got a different voice which i can see how people like but to me it sounds like his balls are tied up in rope. Hes got good beats to rap his terrible lyrics over and when you combine a nice beat with a voice people want to hear, you get The best rapper alive. Once again i can see how people like him but to say ever in your life that he is better then Nas, i mean come on. To say hes better then immortal technique is pathetic and to say that hes better then KRS or Rakim who have done more for rap then anyone in cash money is just sad. Now of course im gonna get people who say that im just "hatin" or im jealous or i just dont no rap but ive gotten that enough in person where a couple of posts arent going to hurt me. If you ask anybody who knows rap youll probably get a similiar response to the one im giving you on Lil wayne if not worse. Besides the fact that i think hes a disgrace to rap i do give him a little respect. Im not comparing him to Souljah boy although i do know that one day lil wayne will reduce himself to a point so low ill have to compare him to souljah boy. Id just like to tell you people about some rappers who dont suck and who are actually getting fucked by what rappers like lil wayne and 50 have created. If you remember how when LL destroyed Canibus's career (who in my eyes canibus killed LL but nobody saw that) canibus was done. He came out strong and with how popular LL was and how wyclef kinda fucked him, he was over just like that. Of course he still raps but honestly half the people who read this dont even no Canibus. Now look at Lil Wayne vs Gillie da Kid. If you have the balls to say Lil wayne won that beef, you deserve to be murdered. Slowly. Gillie da Kid rips lil wayne a new asshole. He fucking kills him. It wasnt even fair. But for some reason none of you probably no who gillie da kid is. Im sure lil waynes a milli is much more popular then the remix gillie da kid does where he just destroys that song. Look at the games beef with Yukmouth. Im no fan of yukmouths and i respect the game but my god yukmouth raped the game. It was terrible to listen to. However Yukmouth is not famous at all. I mean he sucks but after what he did to game, he shouldve at least got hot for a little. It proves that in rap beefs the popular guy always wins, always. Thats another thing i thought id add to this blog thing. Theyre are tons of rappers out there who arent known because of what the "fans" of rap want. They want nice beats and a cool voice. I mean rapper you have never heard of like killah priest, atmosphere, or ras kass are guys who have great lyrics and have that ability to leave you breathless at the end of a song. But what these rappers lack are hot beats (not that any of there voices would sound that good over a lil wayne beat) and the fact that they arent rapping for the money. They arent sell outs like the unfortunate eminem, sorry to say his first two cds were great but he is selling out.  

To end this all im going to say is that rap is taking a turn for the worse. ITs going to get to the point where people dont even know who big l or tupac are. Its said to watch happen and i hate to say it but in the words of the greatest rapper alive.....


Here are some songs that might convert you to real rap:

Killah Priest- The saints, hood nursery, street opera.....i could go forever hes the best

Nas- One mic, probably the greatest rap song ever

Immortal Technique- Caught in the hustle, dance with the devil, point of no return

The Jacka- Never Blink

For some great lyrics: Canibus-Beast from the east, buckingham palace

Ras Kass- Verbal Murder

Jedi Mind Tricks- On the eve of War (GZA kills it)

Uploaded 06/16/2008
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