Liquid Ass

Occasionally I Google random-ass things just to see what comes up in the results page.  Well I did a search for "liquid shit" the other day and one of the results directed me to, which is the official website for Liquid Ass stink spray.  I read the testimonials, watched a couple reaction videos, and immediately thought of the douchebags at work.  $27 and 4 days later I was the proud owner of four bottles of Liquid Ass.  Opened the envelope, took a whiff...

Oh my damn.  It even reeks with the cap on!  I can't really describe the smell, but it's somewhere between manure, day-old diapers, and week-old roadkill.  Imagine taking a crap in a dumpster and adding a dead cat, closing the lid, and letting it stew in the hot sun for a week.  That's probably pretty close to what Liquid Ass smells like.

Anyway I'm gonna take my Liquid Ass and my camcorder and see what hell I can raise.  I think I'll start with the old classic "Shit Dollar" prank, then maybe Ass a Taco Bell or something.  This is gonna be good!

Uploaded 10/15/2008
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