List of Facts you didnt know about Obama.

Here is a list of facts you didnt know about obama starting with the least shocking and gradualy getting worse till you feel horror.


20. Obama was a vegan till the age of 30. When asked why he stopped he simply said " I Wanted a burger".


19.At some point in his early childhood Obama cutt down a cherry tree. He was later qouted saying " what are you talking about.. a tree ... Huh?"

18.During his first attempt to ride his bike he accidently killed his neighbors cat. soon after he found out killing pets turned him on.

17.As obama Claims change has happened , The fact is he only owns two pairs of under wear, and they are older than his children.

16. For breakfast obama eats six lemons and a glass of milk . On rare ocaasion he will eat it with a slice of bologna with vaseline.

15. When Obama Goes to the movies He will whisper quitley to avoid ruining others movies experience. Buts he doesnt restrict his gas .

14. Obama worked as a seafood shef for a short time in his early teens. Reporters say that seems fishy.

13.Obama stands while he pees, He also stands when he poohs His wife is required to catch the extra dropping in a shopping bag. Or they could get fined.

12.Obama met his wife in a large group orgy thrown by Bill Clinton. When asked about these alligations Obama said " Excuse me can i help you?"

11.When obama found out his wife was pregnant with his first kid he took her onto maury.

10. One day obama Found a magic bean and ate it. He shouldnt have he was supposed to plant it. He got thr runs. Pretty bad.

The Rest of the list will be put up tomorrow .

Congrats Obama !




*Update #1*

 The extra number 21. that almost was left off the list.

21. Obama Once hadthe  runs and decided he would fart in his bath tub whilst taking said bath. He was unaware of having the runs and stained the tub. He was never the same after that.


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