list of fuckable ebw girls

1. I only know what tyaeda looks like off of the user vid..but that pretty little face of hers. Who wouldnt wreck that. Shes really hot, but a total bitch.


2. Missgreenstuff. Shes so slutty. And being a total cum dump can be really hot.


3. Gabby. Any chick willing to go through the pain of a tattoo, is willing to go through the pain of anal sex. Right on babe.


4. Tawpas. She can be hot when she wants too..but not really my thing. If she got blonde highlights tho I might be interested.


5. Gyps. Shes really nice and every guy on here wants to fuck her, but shes not really my type. I wouldnt do that to steev0 anyways..hes my dawg.


6. Princess neko. Neko is hot, and shed be my number 1 but shes way too classy to be on this list.


7. Hiimkatie. Where has this chick been. Probably has a life or something which sucks..because she like just turned 18.


8. Xdanax. I wanna bang this chick so bad but shes a lesbo..soo gay. Im still gonna vote her best live chat mod tho.


I know theres other girls on here but I like them too much to put them on this retarded list.

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