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Dear PG,
I'm concerned that all the news I get is very biased. What is your favorite news channel? - I like Bill O'Reilly

Dear IlBOR,
I'm not sure what you mean by "biased", but I assume you are referring to the latin biassetum, referring to individuals who have two asses. From my perusals of the telenocular lensoscope I have not observed very many individuals who are biasseti (plural of biassetum). All of the females on it are very attractive (especially KDLT's Emily Guggenmos), though some of the TV pundits are quite moribund. I am proud that our country has boldly accepted pundits into our society, while backwards lands such as Hindustan simply kill them (see video below, which also features a quite pulchritudious female). Regardless, you have asked me what my favourite channel for news and information would be, and I shall tell you. My favourite channels is the Maritime Mobile from 130-160 kHz. After that, it gets very inaudible and mentally disturbing. I have difficulty listening to anything over 300 kHz. However, I am excited about the US government freeing up more space to be allocated to broadcasting. If they can fill up 3-9 kHz, I would be a very pleased individual (and as a result, so will my wife). Hope that helps.

Love, Professor Genius


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