Literally the Final Fantasy?

When Final Fantasy X was released, I knew it was the beginning of the end for the franchise. To me, that single title all but tanked the series for me. In the course of the 40-plus hours I spent dragging myself through that sub-par game, it marked a swift change from hundreds of exciting gameplay hours on every installment that came before it, to not being able (or willing) to waste much time on the ones that followed.

Through XIII, it was only my solid loyalty to what the series meant to me in the past that I kept reserving and purchasing the games, even the Titanium Collector's Edition of XII. And noobs to the franchise, as well as dumb kids galore, would constantly try to convince me I'm just not accepting of better technology.

Bullshit. The series has tanked, and only now has everyone else come to find out what I'd been telling them for over 10 years. confirms what longtime fans of the series should have known for a decade now - one more flop, and SquareEnix could be no more.

A lot of people are abuzz on what new games and technological aspects of the next gen consoles will be revealed at the upcoming E3 event. And many of them are STILL bringing up the hopes of an FFVII remake... Once and for all, like they said it in 2001, and are still saying it now -

Square is not TOUCHING an FFVII remake. Not gonna happen.

I remember when those retards on X-Play even lied by trying to introduce Advent Children as a remake half a year before its release (yes, I'm serious), which of course was the last time I tuned into that show. I also got tired of telling tards: "If you want info on a gaming legacy instead of insulting it? Go to the source. You'd be amazed what accurate info you can get by listening to the developers instead of kids on a gaming forum".

As for upcoming releases, I've been waiting to hear the status of FFXIII VS for a year and a half now. Others are expecting they'll scrap that one and stick with XIV, since pandering to the online-gaming wave might be their only chance. Well, that, and the fact the whole "Crystal Compendium" idea wasn't something many people gave a shit about. Either way, no concrete info on which, and if either, will be coming first, if at all.

Imho, I'm sincerely hoping, as I've been for a long time now, that this company gets their shit straight and makes a Final Fantasy comparable to the massively epic titles of old. And no, it doesn't mean a cut in new technology, either - if I could hate X but fall in love with the Xenosaga series (which holds the record for longest cutscenes; Episode I having over 4 hours of video), new technologies and drawn-out FMV's definitely isn't my hangup.

It's time Sqauare accepts that it's simply a lack in every department that lead to increasingly shitty games - and keep what could be their last from permanently tarnishing the series' legacy.

Here's to hoping they make a Final Fantasy true to its name.

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