Many times in my life I have met people that, for the fucking life of them, can't pronounce the letter "S" properly. I don't know if I'm intolerant or semi arrogant.

Case in point today....I went to McDonald's and the chubby 17yr old gave me my total..."Thix dollarth and thixteen thents thir!" The urge to rip into her was overwhelming, but I didn't. Why? Because our society seems to believe that it's impolite to correct someone's grammar, pronunciation or overall stupidity.

Yes I said "stupidity" because I fully believe that if something as simple as the letter "S" is too complicated to pronounce then you must be fucking retarded! Am I wrong here? I don't think so.

Has anyone here ever watched Mythbusters? The asian guy's lisp was so fucking bad that I couldn't watch the show. Then, out of nowhere, at the start of a new season it was gone! I believe there must have been a lot of complaints about him so the show creators probably made him go to speech therapy between seasons.

When my youngest child started speaking I was horrified to hear him lisp. I spent many, many hours teaching him to pronounce things correctly and now his lisp is gone. Do other parents not hear their children destroying letters or even words or do they just not give a fuck? My money's on the blatant retardation of the parents themselves.

If you know you have a lisp fucking fix it!

If you don't know that you have a lisp then you're fucking retarded!



Linguithtically Thuperior Deunan

Uploaded 11/27/2010
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