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In one of Matt's recent blogs, I made mention that I've heard rumors a live-action Akira is in the works, and that Leonardo Decaprio is starring in it as Kaneda. I didn't think this was exclusive information, but I quickly received many a shocked and horrified response from you, my fellow users, asking me if it was some sick joke or if Hollywood is actually going through with this.


Well, my friends, below I've pasted an excerpt from the wikipedia page about Akira. This was on the page regarding the manga itself, simply a subnote at the bottom of the page, but here you have it:


[edit] Live action film

Akira is expected to be developed into two live action films with the first scheduled for a summer 2009 release. The film will be set in New Manhattan - a decision which has drawn severe criticism from die-hard Akira fans.[4][5][6] Warner Bros. and Appian Way will adapt the two movies from the manga. The first film is expected to be an adaptation of the first three volumes. The second film may cover the last three volumes. Ruairi Robinson is directing in his feature film debut. He was nominated for a short film Oscar in 2002 for Fifty Percent Grey. Gary Whitta is writing the script. Andrew Lazar, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Jennifer Davisson will produce the film. The film is set in New Manhattan, a city rebuilt by Japanese money after being destroyed 31 years ago. No announcement has been made regarding the cast, although it is reported that DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be playing the lead roles of Kaneda and Tetsuo, respectively.[7]


Read it and weep, my friends. Not only is it true, but they're already planning a SEQUEL. As horrified as I am to see pretty-boy Dicaprio placed as Kaneda, and the same piss-poor choice for Venom now chosen to play the legendary Tetsuo, I will reserve judgement until I've seen some previews. I'm always willing to give people the benefit of the doubt... who knows, maybe they'll surprise us all. After all, it will be pretty hard to take a character like Tetsuo and make him suck. As for Akira himself, let's face it: The kid was mute and emotionless. ANYONE could play him. All they have to do is stand there, everything else would be handled by special effects. Here's hoping they don't fuck it up.


EDIT: This was a reply to one of Kitty's comments but I decided it was worthy to be attached to the blog itself.


To their credit, they are planning to cover all six volumes of the Manga rather than reproduce the anime, which in comparison was in fact an epic failure in spite of it's legendary status. For this reason, I think it'll be a better attempt than the anime was. Those of you who have seen the movie but don't know the truth: The explosion at the end that wiped out the city was the end of book two. TWO. Out of SIX. The explosion was indeed caused by Akira, but not to "save" anyone or to "stop tetsuo"... Akira did it in a fit of rage after an assassination attempt against him missed and instead killed one of his little friends right before his eyes.
All the major characters survived the explosion, including Tetsuo, who then began feeding his super-drugs (the ones that keep him stable) to regular people... those who didn't die immediately gained some small psychic powers and were recruited into a growing psychic army, led by Akira (kinda) with Tetsuo as his general. (More like led by Tetsuo, who kept Akira around and worshipped him like a god even though Akira could have cared less about anything that was happening).
So yeah... the simple fact that they're going to cover all that ALONE makes me expect that this could turn out far better than the anime ever dreamed of being... and while I still can't help questioning their choice in cast members, shadow2130 reminded me that I was equally disappointed to learn that Heath Ledger was going to be playing the Joker in the latest Batman movie, and BOY was I ever wrong about that one!!! So who knows? Time will tell all secrets.
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