Loaded Questions

Has anyone ever played that game, "Loaded Questions" before?  It is this game where you read a card that has a question... something with a lot of potential answers.  Then everyone writes down their answer and the person who read the card has to try to guess who wrote which answer.  This, by itself, would make for a pretty lame game.  For instance, if a question read: What super power would you like to have"  and everyone wrote flying, or heat vision the game would suck ass to no end.  When my friends and I play it, we say anything, kind of like the comments you find here on this site, and it makes it much better.  So last night when we played and that super power question was read, our answers were as follows: "The power to be really straight" "The power to suck my own dick" "the power to be a dirty little mexican"  and finally "the power to get a boner"

This game is also quite fun as a drinking game...although the answers get a lot less coherent, and the jokes much more mundane.

Creativity is a plus, the answers don't have to fit the questions to be funny.  Hell, one of my answers simply says "My Dixie Wrecked"  And when all else fails, remember...make the person reading your answer feel gay.  An answer such as, "I like the taste of nuts in my mouth" is always appropriate when your questionably gay friend is up to read the answers.


Play this game... it's awesome.  And to prove it, here is a question from the game.  I encourage you to give it a try and come up with a good one liner for my comments section.  Thumbs up and thumbs down will judge them all!


"What is the hardest thing for you to do?"

Uploaded 08/08/2008
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