Locked Up Abroad

Has anybody else seen this program? That shit is crazy! Like the guy who swallowed all those condoms filled with cocoaine and almost died. Anyway, I was thinking if I was on vacation and someone offered me a bunch of money and free room and board at a fine suite in return for smuggling drugs; I think I would definitely look into what kind of legal system the country I was vacationing in has. All be damn if you catch me in a Salvadorian 3rd world prison sharing a cell with 30 MS-13 members. Some of these people on this show seriously have some lapse in judgement. I don't give a fuck how much money it is. It's not worth 10+yrs of your life locked up in a foreign country or worse. I also watched this movie on Showtime the other night called Ganja Queen. It was a documentary about a Australian woman found with 10 pounds of Marijuana in Thailand. Personally I believe she is innocent (the case has many faulty elements involved) Shit is a crazy story. She was facing the death penalty but instead got 20 something years. Anyway, to conclude my blog I highly (no pun intended) recommend either of these programs to people looking to check out some ill prison shit.

Uploaded 10/18/2008
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