Long, Political but Necessary

Sorry folks, but I too have now been infected with the political blog bug.  This is in response mostly to the blogs floating around that challenge conservatives to name reasons why McCain should be president and not Obama, without criticizing Obama.  Well, considering the two choices running for president, that is almost impossible.  Neither candidate is a stellar choice, so it boils down to the lesser of two evils.  Hands down McCain is more qualified than Obama.  McCain has more experience, although that does not necessarily mean he will make a good president, but he will be much better than Obama.


So, with that being said, I will give some interesting facts revolving around Obama and some of his plans for “change.”


Obama, William Ayers and the rest of Obama’s questionable acquaintances:  I know many people have stated that the William Ayers and Rev. Wright and the rest of the rogues gallery of others associated with Obama is not important, but when running for the president, it is extremely important and relevant.  William Ayers was a member of the Weather Underground.  They were responsible for bombing the US Capitol, the Pentagon, NYPD Headquarters and a San Francisco police building.  Ayers went into hiding for 10 years, and then in 1980 he turned himself in only to be let off the hoof on a technicality.  Ayers has never apologized for his actions and he has been quoted about his past by saying, “I don’t regret setting those bombs; I don’t feel we did enough.”  So, Obama and Ayers are introduced by Chicago mayor Richard Daley (another crooked and thug politician), later Ayers hosts a gathering in his home for Obama to help launch Obama’s political career.  Later when Obama was up for reelection for the Illinois state senate, Ayers contributed money to Obama’s campaign fund.  Both Ayers and Obama served on committees together during the 90’s and early 2000’s.  Yet, Obama claims Ayers was just “some guy who lives in my neighborhood.”  Really?  That’s it Senator?  Hmm.  When a person runs for public office you don’t surround yourself with the likes of Ayers, Wright, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan or groups like ACORN, then deny knowing anything about their pasts or activities.  Obama has stated he did not know anything about Wright’s philosophy, yet he spent 20 years going to that church.  So, Obama is a liar, naïve or a poor judge of character, which makes him woefully inadequate to be president.  If I associated with the likes of these people and my department found out, I would be fired immediately and would probably lose my certification.


Obama the liar: Obama has lied about many things since he started his campaign, but I am going to touch on only one, because it really pisses me off.  Obama is in favor of abortion.  Ok, not the end of the world, considering I am anti-abortion, but ok.  What really gets to me is the fact that Obama supports partial birth abortions and is against stopping failed abortions.  Let me give a quick example of one method of partial birth abortion.  Labor is induced in the mother, and then when the baby’s head is fully exposed, the doctor will suffocate or choke the baby until it dies.  Then mommy finishes giving birth to the dead baby.  Oh yeah, the baby, fighting for its life, will kick and struggle during the choking/suffocation.  Now if by chance the baby lives through this ordeal or any other abortion attempt, it is left to die.  At least that is what happens in Illinois.  Obama has voted against stopping partial birth abortions and he is against saving babies from failed abortions.  I have heard interviews and read interviews and speeches given by Obama giving his stance on these issues.  When McCain nailed Obama on his stance regarding partial birth and failed abortions, Obama lied and stated he was against them.  Obama has stated it would infringe on a woman’s right to have an abortion if another doctor was brought in to save a baby that survived an abortion attempt.


Obama and the mainstream media: The media’s blatant attempt to get Obama elected makes me sick.  Modern journalism is a joke and the media is a three ring circus.  ABC, CBS, NBC, The New York Times and the Washington Post are just a few examples of biased and Obama ass kissing media outlets.  Few people hear about anything negative about Obama, because the mainstream media refuses to report it.  They did the same thing for Hillary Clinton.  Nobody in the media dares to ask Obama about his rogue’s gallery of friends and associates, nor do they question him on his proposed programs he wants to implement if he becomes president.  So, for all of you here on ebaums that feel people are picking on Obama and are being unfair, you should take a good long look at the media and see how they are treating McCain, and especially Palin.  The media is so terrified that Obama will not be elected they even went so far as to smear a private citizen nicknamed “Joe the Plumber.”  All “Joe the Plumber” did was ask Obama a question the media should have asked and the next thing you know is this poor guy is having his personal life investigated by the media and other Obama flunkies.  Is this an example of things to come when Obama becomes president?  If anyone speaks out against President Obama are we suddenly going to have our names plastered all over the media, because we disagree with el presidente?  I mean come on folks, we all know about our rights in this country, but when a politician attacks and smears the average American citizen, because he/she disagrees with governmental policies, then we have a huge problem.  “Joe the Plumber” asked Obama about his proposed raising taxes on anyone making $250,000 or more and Obama’s response was “spread the wealth,” which leads me to my next and I believe final point.


Obama the socialist: Tax the rich and give to the poor.  Nice concept if you live in Europe.  We don’t live in Europe.  This is the United States of America.  Our fore fathers were against socialism.  Hence we have capitalism.  When has raising taxes and more government spending ever helped the economy?  Carter did it and look what happened.  So, if we take away from the rich and make them poor and we give to the poor and make them rich, what has been accomplished?  Absolutely nothing.  You know the wealthiest 1% of Americans pay 37% of the nation’s taxes, but only earn 19% of the nation’s income.  The tops 10% of income earners pay 68% of the federal taxes.  The bottom 50% of Americans whose income is below the median income level pay 3% of the federal income tax.  In fact, 45% of American tax payers didn’t even pay income tax in 2007, yet they received incentive checks.  The tax cuts given to earners of $10 million or more only received a $500,000 tax break in 2007.  So tell me, how it is fair and just to raise the taxes on anyone who makes $250,000 or more, when they are already being heavily taxed?  So, if you are a small business that say makes $250,000 per year, yet only take home about $40,000 of that income, you are screwed.  What is going to happen is small businesses are going to layoff employees, raise prices, cut wages or stop hiring.  Then we will have more unemployment and less spending, because when you’re unemployed you only buy the necessities, and those who are employed will have less to spend due to price increases.  The wealthy will also cut down on their spending as well, and consumer goods, food and many other products will go up in price in order to compensate for the increased taxes.  But, that is ok, because Obama wants to “spread the wealth.”  Never mind that we in the middle class will suffer even more, because Obama is going to raise Social Security taxes, payroll taxes, end the Bush tax cuts, and he is going to raise Medicare taxes.  Come on everybody let’s spread the wealth so that the 45% of Americans who don’t pay taxes can reap the benefits of the wealthy.


Ok, this is a very long blog, but Obama is such an easy target, because his policies are so full of holes.  He is a liar and anti American.  He refuses to put his hand over his heart for the national anthem, will not wear a US flag pin, because it is a symbol of oppression for some, he toured Europe and bashed America.  WHAT THE F……!!!!????  A true patriot talks up America, yet admit that is has problems.  A true patriot who is sincerely concerned for the country doesn’t go to Europe and kiss the Europeans asses.  At least McCain still thinks America is great, he is a leader of men, a war hero and has many accomplishments.  Name me one thing Obama has ever done besides vote against banning partial birth abortions and condemning America!!!!!!     

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