Look at what this ass said

ellimem  | Posted at 12:24am Jun, 30 2008
"You are a joke man I banged more chicks
before I was 15 than you will in your whole
life. I play D1 baseball and could fuck you
and all of your 16 year old friends up. You
aren't even old enough to vote so why
would you talk politics."

This is somebody who can't seperate reality from fantasy.

Very good you play baseball and probably suck so bad you go to your computer and

make up fairy tales about your childhood where you had sex with other adolecent girls, wow.

Your right  I do have a friend who is 16 you might be able to beat up a 16 year old up,just


I can vote and I don't come to ebaums to Talk politics, last time I check at the age you

claim to be you actually can engage in politics n the real world not a chat room.


ellimem is a asstroll who stalks websites for young boys to get agressive with because he likes to be aggressive with young boys.

He dry humps his computer chair while he blogs because after a day on the field around all

those men he just needs to get out that pent up frustration of being a ass troll.

Thanks ellimem you are PWnd!

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