Lord infamous hires vietnamese male prostitutes to pee in him

Lord infamous likes to hire vietnamese male prostitutes to pee in his asshole. You may ask "Why should we believe you? " . Well I will tell you why. OK, it all started on a sunday afternoon when I saw lord_infamous buying icecream at a baskin robins. I followed him in, He bought a vanilla ice cream cone seamingly plain? I followed him to the park where he pretended to drop his icecream scoop, he reached into the bottom of the cone where he had a small bag of crystal meth! He pulled a needle out of his pocket and quickly injected himself. He was high as dirtysanchez on a friday night! He got on his bicycle and drove all the way to a dark alley where he met up with a midget He whispered something into the midgets ear than they both walked into a coffee shop, I couldnt hear what they were saying but I knew that they were up to no good.

        He got into the midgets car and they drove away but little did they know that I was inside of there trunk. After about ten minutes they both got out of the car and made there way into an old dilapidated factory. I made my way out of the trunk and into the factory. I saw a trail of what appeared to be urine I opened up the door to the back of the factory and right in front of my eyes, A vietnames male prostitute was pissing inside of infamous's asshole. I cuffed em and through em in the big house!

Uploaded 07/14/2009
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