He stroked his short stubby glock against me as sweat dripped down from his large warm breasts. They felt like soft heated memory foam pillows, I could almost fall asleep on them. He began to suck on his thumb as if it were my long hard cock. I tucked him into bed and watched him slowly close his eyes. He was asleep now, I felt jealous as he had so much fat covering his body enough to form a blanket. He's suck a marvelous creature so beautiful to look at. His ass was covered in long curly pubic hairs, the odor of his body was so strong you could smell it miles away. His hair was as grey as his ass was fat, he snored like an elephant though his body looks like a walrus. He had columns and columns of fat on his back enough to supply Eastside_dave a years worth of bacon. I had never realized how lucky I was to have him, until I lost him in just one night. He swept me off of my feet.

       I never saw him again, I never will forget that night he was unlike anyone I had ever met. I was afraid for him, I was worried he wouldnt be able to survive in the world all by himself. Who was gonna tuck him in at night? Who was gonna take him to his prom? I think about him every day now and I dont think I will ever stop.

       I have but only one picture left of him from that night, I took it while he was blogging. I look at that picture all the time now, I even posted it

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